Thanks for visiting. I created this website to connect current, past and future clients, as well as promote healthy living throughout the capital city of Baton Rouge and beyond. For the past 13 years i’ve helped over 3,000 people as a personal trainer, soccer coach, Brooks sponsored professional running coach, and corporate fitness consultant. In addition, I founded the Rouge-Orleans ultra marathon and team relay, the Louisiana Trail Running State Championships, the Thunderbird Half-Marathon, and multiple other sporting events around the state of Louisiana. I enjoy creating opportunities for people to have fun, learn improve their lives and ultimately achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves. I encourage you to look around, and drop me a line if you have any questions.


Denver Benton

“The only things you have control of in this world are your attitude and your actions. How you think and what you do. Everything else is out of your hands. When you fully understand this you’ll be able to achieve your goals and realize true peace & happiness.” – db

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